Why Work With a Coach?


Coaching is a great way for high performing professionals to further develop their capabilities. Coaching is a partnership between two people–one is an expert in his or her own life and the other who is an expert in the change process. As a coach I work one on one with professionals, helping them to learn and grow in the areas that are important for them.  Clients set personal and professional goals and work toward them in a supportive relationship.

“Kimberly has an analytical mind and a great ability to…propose practical steps to address issues and solve problems. I appreciate her quick wit, her honesty, and her great collegiality.” —Library Department Manager

What Do I Give Clients?

Coaching consists of dedicated conversations. You bring the area you wish to focus on and, as the coach, I provide the structure to make each conversation productive. Through the coaching process clients define and reach their goals. Some areas I have coached people around include tenure and promotion, project execution, research & publication, career planning, and personal & organizational productivity.

Why Me?

I know coaching and I know libraries. I have always been the person my colleagues turned to for direction and advice.I hold an MLIS as well as an MA (Film Studies) and have worked as a librarian in a number of different settings:  medical libraries, law libraries, special libraries and academic libraries and have been through the tenure process personally. In 2007, I earned a certificate in Executive Coaching from New York University. Since then the majority of my clients have been librarians who want to go places in their careers. They want to be the best they can be, and wisely seek out help and support to do so.

What Does it Cost?

Coaching is much more affordable than most people think. I offer a variety of different packages to meet client needs. Clients define their goals and generally make signifiant progress within the first few meetings.  Please contact me for a trial session free of charge.

Need Some Guaranteed Clarity?

I offer one-off Clarity Sessions to help people focus their thinking around a particular area.  This may be related to job satisfaction, a job search, a project or a decision.  Book a 90 minute Clarity Session for $90. If you don’t feel that the session was helpful in clarifying your thinking, you don’t pay. It’s that simple.

[Please note I am not currently accepting coaching or consulting clients as I have returned to full time library administration. This site remains posted merely as a blogging platform.]