Disrupting the Library, part 1

I just read a great article with tremendous application to library services.  The trouble is that the title is 6 Highly Profitable Ways to Disrupt Your Own Industry.  Come on, an article from Forbes, applicable to a library? Profit? Industry? Disruption?  How do these concepts fit with what we do?  Are they even applicable to those of us who work in the mission-driven sector?

ABSOLUTELY!  Libraries specifically and mission-driven organizations generally have a lot to learn from business practices. There, I said it.  But we can’t just take business advice wholesale any more than we should dismiss it all together.  It’s important to think about what is being offered and consider the ways in which it can be applied to our industry.

Over the next few weeks this blog will focus on the concepts presented in this article and how, with a little thought and translation, they can greatly improve library service.  Don’t believe me?  Stay tuned for Disrupting the Library, part 2.





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