Disrupting the Library, part 6

Disruptive Suggestion #5:  Find Smarter Ways to Serve Your Customers

Are you sure you are giving your users what they need?  The example the article gives is Siri, the voice interaction service offered on Apple products.  Library users may not require or even desire voice command services, but what is it they do want?  Not what they are asking for, but where is the need?  Maybe users need library materials delivered to their home or office? Maybe faculty on the tenure track need communities of practice to support them?

The point is to listen to your users and find out what their needs are.  Then think, “how can these needs be met?” Then think some more.  Then plan, all the while talking to users and thinking.

This is the sixth in a seven part series that not only provides suggestions for transforming and innovating in the library, but also (and more importantly) shows how business literature is helpful in improving the services we provide.  As a case study the series refers to concepts presented in the Forbes.com article 6 Highly Profitable Ways to Disrupt Your Industry.

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