How Leadership Lab Became a Thing

Last Spring I had an idea.  I wanted to develop a new type of leadership training that was highly customized to the participants.  I wanted to use technology to do this and I wanted it to be in depth.  I thought and thought about how I could do this.  I researched “communities of practice.”  I discussed the idea with my own community of practice–my beloved Mastermind Group–as well as a number of library directors I am personally acquainted with.  Then I thought some more.  Finally I drew up a project charter.

Over the summer I proposed Leadership Lab to Metro, The Metropolitan New York Library Council, and organization I’ve been affiliated with for more than a decade.  Not only did they agree to sponsor my prototype, they were the ones who came up with the fab name!

So this fall I had the fantastic opportunity to turn my idea into an actual program.  Ten people were chosen to participate through a competitive application process.  Some things went really well, a few things did not.  Many could definitely be improved, but it was a prototype, so I knew that.  Best of all I learned lots of ways the program could be improved for next time.

It really was a great experience to bring something from idea to reality and see that others also saw the benefit in what I had created.  I look forward to the next iteration!


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