Resolutions (or, Happy Half-Year!)


I read a post recently saying it’s the 6 month mark for New Year’s resolutions. Wow, six months. Where did the time go?  It got me thinking about resolutions.  I thought about resolutions in my own life and resolutions more broadly.  I also thought about goals and how they relate to resolutions.

My Resolutions

To me, resolutions are silly. I don’t mean to say they aren’t worthwhile, but at New Years I always choose something silly for my resolutions.  One year my resolution was to learn more about kangaroos.  While this sounds really silly it was actually a great resolution for me.  Kangaroos, actually marsupials in general, had always kind of freaked me out.  Learning about kangaroos helped me to appreciate them for the magnificent animals they are. Now they are my favorite animal!  This past year my resolution was to be better about carrying a purse.  Again, another kind of silly thing, but for me it was really worthwhile. I had fallen into the bad habit of grabbing the things I needed and keeping them in pockets. As a result I often did not have everything I needed and I spent a lot of time going through numerous pockets to find keys, wallet, bank card, etc.  So my silly resolutions have helped me to learn and grow as a person.

Resolutions vs. Goals

Generally speaking, I’m a much bigger fan of goals than resolutions.  Goals are much more specific. Goals are often measurable. And for me, goals are a lot more serious. Perhaps most importantly, goals are not tied to one specific season of the year. Lifehacker has a nice little post about the difference between resolutions and goals.

The main reason the post about the six month mark resonated with me is that I have been carrying a purse, and it has really worked for me!  I have everything I need whenever I need it.  Do you make resolutions or goals?  How has this worked out for you?

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