Sharpening the Saw

On Fridays I often tag my tweets #sharpenthesaw.  (Shameless plug:  @sweetcoachcons) These tweets are decidedly different from my usual posts on libraries, leadership and personal effectiveness.  I hope they are funny, or perhaps speak to the need for rest and rejuvenation.  At times I’m sure they are just plain silly.  You probably recognize the tag as referencing the 7th Habit from Steven Covey’s famous book.

The concept of balanced self renewal is so important that I like to remind people of it every week, just before the weekend.  Historically a time to nurture ourselves physically, spiritually and socially, the weekend is increasingly under attack from our continually connected world.  To be our most effective we need quiet moments, we need to tend to our physical well being, and we need to connect with our loved ones.  We need to break from the act of sawing and sharpen our saws.

This is what I will be doing for the remainder of the Summer.  I’ll be enjoying a sabbatical from work, spending time with my beloved family,  outdoors, relaxing, reading fiction, connecting with friends and generally giving my brain time and space to process.  A de-frag if you will.

I’ll be back in September, rested, restored and ready to work again.  I’d love to hear your restorative plans for the summer!

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