Sleep Procrastination

I admit it, there is not much I procrastinate about, but I sometimes procrastinate about going to sleep.  That’s why I was so fascinated to see this article published this summer in Frontiers in Psychology.  The authors conclude that bedtime procrastination is the result of difficulty with “self regulation,” otherwise known as self discipline.

Perhaps this is important from a psychological research perspective, but it certainly doesn’t help me to know that basically I just need to make myself stop procrastinating and go to sleep.  Equally unhelpful is the conclusion that those who struggle with bedtime procrastination are likely to suffer from insufficient sleep.

I have long thought that my bedtime procrastination results from a desire not to let the day go, because some aspect of the day was unfulfilling and I’d like to change that in (literally)  the 11th hour.  I feel I want to spend more time with friends or my spouse who worked late that day or finally finish up the project I’ve been working on or otherwise work on something that gives my life meaning and purpose.  I find I am less keen to go to sleep on days when I didn’t or couldn’t get the most of out of my day.  So I’m going to work on reducing my sleep procrastination by doing my best to get the interaction, productivity and personal fulfillment I need each and every day–during the day!.  How about you?


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