Story Telling

Last week I posted about mastering small talk, so it seems appropriate that an article from Inc. entitled 5 Common Elements of Good Story Telling crossed my Twitter feed (perhaps even more appropriate with all the buzz about the “worst Jeopardy intro story” circulating last week).  While small talk is an essential skill for networking and relationship building, story telling is important for presentations, teaching, training, or even just making a point.  Here are the commonalities that author Paul Jarvis has found among the best stories he has heard:

  1. Keep it simple, easy to understand and vernacular.
  2. Convey emotion, whether it’s humor or pain.
  3. Keep it believable and genuine.
  4. First hand accounts are best (because then the emotion and believability are easier to convey).
  5. Keep it universal. The best stories work for any audience.

Do you know someone who is a great storyteller?  What is it about their stories that makes them so memorable?




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