How to Ace a Library Job Interview: An Overview

New Series:  How to Ace a Library Job Interview

Happy New Year!  If, like many people, you have resolved to find a new job in 2015 you have come to the right place.  It is only natural that as a coach I would help a lot of clients who are on the job market–coaches help people in transition, and one of the biggest transitions is finding a new job.  I am happy to present this five part series on job searching (some virtual mentoring) to share with a broader audience the tips and advice that my clients have found useful.

  • Part one addresses some practical approaches to the application packet.
  • Part two describes the single most important thing to demonstrate in any library job interview:  that you understand the organization.
  • Part three discusses the importance of fit, and how you can determine if a job is right for you.
  • Part four lists some questions to ask at your next library job interview.
  • Part five provides some common questions to be prepared to answer.
  • Part six explains an important but often overlooked part of the interview:  the debrief.

Need More Information?

As you go through these posts I am happy to answer any questions you have on library job interviews through my comments form.  Stay tuned for part two, and learn how to present the best resume/CV and cover letter you can!

Go to Part 1:  Resumes and Cover Letters

This is the first in a five part series that provides useful tips for interviews. Although provided in the context of interviewing for professional library jobs, the information in this series has application for other industries as well.