“This presentation was fantastic! It really spoke to me on a personal & professional level. My takeaway (one of them) is shame makes us stop trying. SO TRUE. Excellent presentation.” 2015 MOBIUS participant

“Very good presentation. Good info, good delivery. I’m glad I came.” 2015 MOBIUS participant

“Thank You! This was a great reminder to keep trying new things!” 2015 MOBIUS participant

“Very engaging. [This presentation] was of great value to me personally.” 2015 MOBIUS participant

“Interesting topic, good presentation with personal stories, very enjoyable and relatable.” 2015 MOBIUS participant

“Good learning, good material for further reflection. Thanks for offering this topic…fear of failure is a significant barrier to progress in our libraries.” 2015 MOBIUS participant

“I have had the pleasure of working with Kimberly on several projects. She is incredibly energetic and enthusiastic about libraries, technology, learning and the processes that need to work. Among Kimberly’s key strength is her ability to generate ideas and solve problems. She has an ability to focus on getting things done and energize others through her enthusiasm and energy. In our collaboration she has developed mutually trusting and respectful relationship with me and the people in my library. I would hire her in a second if I had the opportunity to do so.” Library Director

“The Metropolitan New York Library Council (METRO) has worked with Kimberly in a variety of capacities over the last five years (or more). She is a skilled instructor and reliable consultant with a strong understanding of the key issues and trends facing library services today. We’re glad to have her on our roster of regional and national experts working with our membership.” Jason Kucsma, Executive Director, METRO

“Kimberly was always well-organized and effective and had specific outcomes and concepts in mind while teaching the management course. The class involved a lot of open discussion, which was very beneficial to me as a student.” Library School Student, Long Island University

“Kimberly has an analytical mind and a great ability to look at the organization strategically and propose practical steps to address issues and solve problems. I appreciate her quick wit, her honesty, and her great collegiality.” Library Department Manager, NYU

“Kimberly is a creative. energetic, thoughtful colleague. I found her innovation always focused on making experiences better for the public, while not neglecting staff concerns. Truly a joy to work with.”   Library Department Manager, New York Public Library