The TEDx Talk Every Librarian Should Watch

I often say libraries are not innovative, and when I say this I do so very hesitantly.  As much as I don’t wish to offend those who share my passion for libraries, I also feel very strongly that libraries need to step up their game in the face of competition from companies like Amazon and Google.  This is what entrepreneur Andrew Roskill is saying–much more eloquently than I ever have– in his talk recorded at TEDx Charleston a couple of months ago.  This is a “call to arms” for libraries to provide a niche service based on what they do well, and to do so in a way that’s “easy, elegant and engaging”–like a business.  Watch this talk!  It’s 10 minutes well spent.

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2 thoughts on “The TEDx Talk Every Librarian Should Watch

  1. Thank you for posting. I plan on sharing with library employees in the next Dean’s update. I think we (everyone who works in libraries, consultants and library leaders) struggle to articulate a future given new and emerging business models, yet I am encouraged by the many (95%) who believe in libraries. I appreciate Mr. Rothskill’s honesty and agree there must be some urgency to our work. I hope his talk, your post and the comments that follow inspires us (see above) to examine on our beliefs, our values and our organizations as a means to improve upon the user’s experience. As we lean into any discomfort, let’s remain positive and create environments where it is ok to take risks, fail and improve.


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