Time Management Lessons from a Tomato

Hands down, my favorite time management technique is Pomodoro.  I don’t claim to be a Pomodoro expert, and didn’t really know there were Pomodoro experts until I began to research for for this post. In fact, the technique is trademarked, so perhaps I should say I practice a Pomodoro-type of time management. I love Pomodoro because it is easy to do and IT WORKS!

The technique is quite simple and all you need to get started is something you probably already have:  a kitchen timer.  Here’s how I practice Pomodoro:

  1. Sit down at my workspace with a specific task I wish to accomplish.
  2. Set the timer for approximately 20 minutes (official Pomodoro practice says 25–I adjust this according to task and how I am feeling).
  3. Work like crazy until the timer goes off.  After that, it’s break time for 5 minutes.  I often work a bit over the time limit as Pomodoro is a great way for me to stop procrastinating and get to work.
  4. Repeat.

The video below describes some advanced ways to use the technique to further master your time.


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