Career Development

Achieving a Beneficial Work-Life Balance

Having a beneficial work-life balance is essential to performing effectively on the job.   Participants will learn strategies for keeping organized, how reducing clutter, leaving work on time, beating procrastination and getting things done on time and the value of living a balanced life.  (Half Day)

Creating Your Work Portfolio

The most successful careers have a planned trajectory, but how do we determine that trajectory?  How do we represent who we are on a resume or in a tenure or promotion portfolio?  Participants in this workshop will learn how to critically evaluate their knowledge, skills and abilities, determine gaps between what they currently know and what they must know to get where they want to be, develop a satisfying career trajectory, and clearly represent their accomplishments on paper and verbally. (Full Day)

Resume Improvement Workshop

A potential employer may spend as little as 5 minutes reviewing each resume.  This workshop will help to ensure that you clearly convey your knowledge, skills and abilities in that short time.  By receiving specific feedback from a seasoned library administrator participants will learn what to include (and what not to include) in a resume and cover letter, how to more effectively present themselves on paper and have an opportunity to get their questions answered on the application process used in most academic libraries.  Participants are required to submit a resume to the instructor 2 weeks prior to the workshop and must feel comfortable with feedback shared kindly, professionally and publicly.  (Half Day)