Customer Service

Customer Service in the Digital Age

The digital age can be both alienating and for customers and provide us with important tools for improving customer service. How can we leverage the digital tools available while still providing personal service? Participants will be introduced to a wide variety of tools that can improve customer service, how to identify the digital services that users want and how to maintain a personal level of service in today’s automated library.  (Full Day)

Building a Service Culture

It’s easy to talk a good game about customer service, but how do we as managers actually take active steps towards enabling the library staff to provide good customer service?  The answer lies in creating a service culture.  Drawing from the literature of organizational psychology, this workshop introduces supervisors, managers and team leaders to the concepts of organizational culture and climate and teaches participants how to examine these within their own organization.  By changing the organizational climate (the message sent to employees) to a clear, consistent message, managers can re-align the organizational culture (the shared meaning employees use to make sense of their workplace) to one of consistently high service. (Full Day)

Communicate Your Way to Better Patron Service

Communication is at the heart of every patron interaction.  This workshop teaches participants about some common (and avoidable) communication mistakes that create service problems.  By learning how to approach customer interactions, library staff at all levels will learn how to make the service interaction rewarding for both library users and themselves.  Participants will learn how to ask the right questions to help their users, how to recognize and reduce stressors that can interfere with good service, as well as strategies for dealing with difficult situations. (Full Day)

Reference Interview? Question Interview!

Reference librarians have been using the reference interview to clarify users’ information needs for decades, if not centuries.  During this workshop participants will learn how to use reference interview techniques to get at the heart of any question a patron is asking.  They will learn strategies to overcome obstacles to communicating effectively with library users and identify specific Question Interview techniques where they need to grow.  (Note:  Material in this half-day workshop is covered in the full day “Communicate Your Way to Better Patron Service”)