Making the Leap to Library Leadership

Leadership occurs at all levels of an organization and is not limited to those in managerial roles.  Committee chairs, working group leaders and well trusted colleagues all hold important leadership roles in an organization.  This workshop is designed both for people who have been called upon to serve a leadership role and those who wish to take on more leadership responsibility.  The session will outline essential skills for twenty-first century library leaders and help participants to gain a deeper understanding of their own role, as well as that of their department and library, within the larger picture of their umbrella organization. Topics such as emotional intelligence, professional comportment, understanding organizational culture, change management and intellectual agility will be covered in a practical, non-theoretical way.  Many leadership programs exist that have competitive entry or a lengthy time commitment (sometimes both).  This workshop is designed to be a small taste of what is offered at such institutes so that participants can begin to chart a course for personal leadership development. A webinar on this topic, recorded on April 16, 2015 for IFLA, is available free of charge. (Half Day)