Revitalizing Library Spaces

What do today’s library users want?  How do you plan spaces that will work well in the long term?  This workshop teaches strategies for library space planning.  Participants will learn how to think critically about library space options, how to identify the needs of library users and how to best meet user needs when designing library spaces.  The class will cover preparing for both low cost incremental changes and high-end renovations.  (Half Day)

Managing Change

Change can be difficult to deal with in any workplace, but the fast pace of change in libraries is particularly difficult.  Designed for library supervisors who will need to lead staff (at any level) through change, this workshop teaches the potential impact of the stress of change, how to properly prepare others and ones self for change, the most common responses to change and how to deal with them and effective responses to change and how to instill them in others.  (Full Day)

Project Planning

In today’s library environment we are continually asked to do more with less.  Service demands are increasing while staffing and funding remain consistent at best.  Effective project planning and project management are essential to the efficiency that is necessary in today’s streamlined workplace.  This one-day workshop teaches participants how to create a project plan, manage a project, effectively communicate about the project, evaluate the success of the project and close a project.  (Full Day)

Practical Risk Management for Library Projects

Increasingly, library work is project based, but are we prepared to respond to problems when they occur?  Drawing on project management fundamentals, this course teaches the basics of risk assessment.  By learning how to conduct a thorough risk analysis, participants will learn how to identify the 20% of risks that cause 80% of the problems in projects, how to respond to ensure an optimal outcome  (Half Day)

Library Service Assessment:  Using Data to Make Decisions

Cities, towns, colleges and universities increasingly require data and assessment to justify and evaluate programmatic changes related to service. Learn how to measure what counts!  This full day workshop covers the difference between, and strengths of, qualitative and quantitative data; various ways to gather data; how to run focus groups; how to plan effective surveys and how market research can help you to run your library.  (Full Day)