Fantastically Out of My Comfort Zone

Last week I attended the Research Library Partnership meeting in Amsterdam, and an associated workshop on the evolution and stewardship of the scholarly record.  My background is straight-up public services–I know service, I know spaces, I know re-orgs, I know management, I know leadership. Scholarly communication isn’t something to which I’ve had a lot of exposure. And if I’m honest, I haven’t really sought out the exposure.  In fact, I tweeted during the conference that I might have been more at home in the “handling customer complaints” training the hotel was hosting across the hall.

But sometimes the biggest growth comes from stepping outside of one’s comfort zone.  I’m still digesting a lot of what I learned about the topics (and I’m sure there will be future posts about them) but the most important thing I learned–or maybe was just reminded of–is that engaging with new ideas is nothing short of exhilarating.

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