Organizational Fit: Ace the (Library) Interview, Part 3

What is Organizational Fit:

During an interview potential employers will be evaluating how well you fit with the mission, vision, values and style of the organization, and you as the candidate should be determining how well the organization fits with your personal and professional values and style.

How to Judge Organizational Fit:

One test for considering fit is commonly known as the “airport test.”  The person who is interviewing you may be thinking, “If I were on a business trip with this person and our flight were delayed, would I be comfortable spending a few hours in an airport with this person?”  And you should be thinking about this, too. recently published, “8 Questions Every Candidate Should Ask During Job Interviews,” which directly addresses fit and is worth a look.  Answers to questions like, “what would I be doing to make your job easier?” and “How does this library measure success?” can help you to assess if the job is right for you.  Fast Company has some great questions that really get at a company’s culture that can further assist you in determining how you’d fit in an organization.

Why Consider Organizational Fit?

Job interviews aren’t just about selling yourself; they are also about making a really important decision.  Asking the right questions can provide you with the appropriate data to do that.

Continue to Part 4:  What to Ask at An Interview.


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This is the third in a six part series that provides useful tips for interviews. Although provided in the context of interviewing for professional library jobs, the information in this series has application for other industries as well.


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